Honey and Candles for Sale

We currently have a limited amount of honey, in 1lb jars, available for sale now. These are £7.50 each (cash only) available direct from us. Please call in advance on 01923 243232 to schedule a collection time. New season honey is likely to be available from July – please check back here or on Twitter.

Sorry – we’re all sold out of honey for now.
Please check back here in late July for availability, or follow us on Twitter @NWBees.
Honey for Sale

Please note that our honey is completely natural and untreated. It has not been pasteurised nor finely sieved. As a result it contains traces of pollen. It is often said that natural honey, unpasteurised and containing local pollens, is one of the best hay-fever remedies.

Our honey is extracted and packaged in a domestic kitchen. Whilst we add absolutely nothing to our natural honey, we cannot guarantee that there will be no traces of nuts, dairy, eggs, fish, gluten, wheat, onions or other allergens. Please speak to us if you have concerns about allergies and honey.

Natural honey will crystallise, or “set”, at cooler temperatures. Again this is a completely natural process. If you prefer your honey “runny” just put the jar in a warm place such as an airing cupboard, or immerse the jar in tepid water for a while before use. At the moment we have both runny and set honey for sale.

Angel beeswax candles

Our candles are made at home using wax recovered from the hives after extracting honey. The angels are £5.00 each and stand about 5″ / 13cm tall. They are unscented, smelling of pure beeswax and making very little smoke when burned.