Bee quiz

Here is the Bee Quiz presented at the Harrow Beekeepers‘ Christmas Social on 13th December.
There were five members who shared first prize, each with a total of 20 out of 25 questions correct. Well done to all those who entered!
To see the answers, view this post on it’s own (click the heading) and then hover over or click each question.

Pollen is a source of ….. for the bee?
Number of eggs a queen can lay in 1 day
1000 – 3000
How fast do bees’ wings beat
180 – 200 beats per second
Why are honey bees reluctant to sting
Loss of sting (usually) causes death
What gives a bee sting its ouch and itch
Chemical mellitin
What colour can honey bees see that people can’t
Ultra violet
What colour can people see that bees can’t
Life span of a queen
2 – 8 years
Colour of new wax
Pollen is carried in the ……
Pollen basket hind (metathoracic) legs – (Corbicula)
What senses do bees and humans have in common
Taste, touch, smell, sight (we accepted hearing too as although bees don’t have ears they can detect sonic vibrations)
How many eyes does a bee have
5 (2 compound, 3 ocelli)
What is H2C2O4 better known as
Oxalic acid
What’s the equivalent in grams of 1 lb
What’s the average water content of natural honey?
What’s the maximum permitted HMF (HydroxyMethylFurfuraldehyde) content in honey in the EU?
40mg / kg or equivalent
What colour should 2016’s queens be marked?
What’s the scientific, binomial name for the honey bee
Apis mellifera
Is the Asian Hornet bigger than the native UK hornet
No – it’s smaller
At what outside temperature do bees begin to cluster
12°C – 15°C (54°F – 59°F) Although quoted from multiple sources, we disregarded this question as our experience is that bees are still flying at that temperature; even at 10°C they stop flying but do not cluster until lower temps
What are the three major subdivisions of a bee’s body
Head, thorax, abdomen
In taxonomic terms, what order do bees belong in
What are the breathing holes along a bee’s body called
In what year was the HBKA founded
What’s the address/URL of the HBKA website
(http://) (www.)